Danish Aerospace Company (DAC) is a high technology company operating in the area of advanced medical instrumentation and other engineering fields primarily with in Space applications. DAC employs engineers and technicians.

Danish Aerospace Company (DAC) was founded in August 1988. The purpose of DAC was to support space medical and human physiological research. The 1. April 2003 Innovision A/S transferred all Space related activities into Danish Aerospace Company (DAC) and hereby refocused the purpose of DAC to a general space engineering company.

DAC has developed respiratory equipment in several versions, bicycle ergometers and participated in freezer development for Space Shuttle and Space Stations.


We are engaged in offering our clients with a highly reliable and precise customer made mechanical system and sub-systems to suit the specific space based application, where there are high requirement on minimizing the mass for upload.


DAC develops, designs and produces high reliable electronic systems tailored to various individual space applications fulfilling specific space and MIL- requirements wrt. e.g. component, quality, derating, EMI-standards and low power consumption.


The company has extensive expertise and experience in planning, developing and thorough testing of innovative high quality software for space equipment, interfacing to the vehicles and for ground support applications for monitoring of experiments and subsystems.


DAC supports the scientific research and health monitoring in space for selected ESA human physiology payloads and experiments on the International Space Station via the DAC User Support and Operations Center (USOC).