Another good year for Danish Aerospace Company

March 2015

Danish Aerospace Company ApS, a fully owned subsidiary in the M. Goldschmidt Holding group, releases today the annual report for the year 2013/2014. Key elements are:

  • Danish Aerospace Company realized a satisfactory operating income (EBITDA) of 8.6 mio. DKK and a profit before tax of 7.5 mio. DKK.
  • It is the 10th year in a row the company is showing a strong result, which demonstrates its ability to adapt by delivering high-tech and very reliable products to the manned space programmes.
  • Danish Aerospace Company is this year supporting the first Danish astronaut Andreas Mogensen when he in September 2015 will be visiting the International Space Station for 10 days.

DAC’s addition of new contracts and add-ons existing contracts was satisfactory. At present various new sets of space equipment for the European Space Agency, ESA, are being developed. During the year approximately 100 kilo of the Company’s medical devices, including newly developed gas cylinders and medical research equipment, have been launched and have arrived at the International Space Station. The new equipment will together with the Company’s existing and already launched Portable PFS (Pulmonary Functional System) be used for the Airway Monitoring experiment measuring among other exhaled NO (Nitric Oxide) in the US laboratory and the US airlock on the space station.

”Mission Control Odense”

Furthermore, DAC still provides technical support to ESA and NASA as regards the Company’s equip-ment on board the space station where it is used by the astronauts on a regular basis. During the past year more than 41 large and 123 smaller test sessions on the space station, of a varying length of be-tween 5 minutes and 4 hours, have been supported by the Company’s engineers. The support was both for DAC’s own equipment and other ESA provided equipment. In total DAC supported 125 hours’ sci-entific activities carried out by the astronauts in the past year on the space station. Online support for both ESA’s and NASA’s use of the space station is provided from DAC’s control room in Odense which has live sound, pictures and data connection to the space station.

New exiting opportunities with a Danish astronaut

Danish Aerospace Company helps ESA and Denmark by preparing and implementing a number of the activities and tests which the first Danish ESA astronaut, Andreas Mogensen, will carry out during his 10 days at the International Space Station in September 2015.

Finally, DAC is developing new equipment and tests to prepare the way for future generations of space products in terms of exercise equipment and for water purification in outer space.

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