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Danish Aerospace Company ApS enters another busy year.

Danish Aerospace Company (”DAC”) a subsidiary to the M. Goldschmidt Holding Concern is presenting a very good result for the year 2013/2014. Highlights for the past 12 months:

  • Danish Aerospace Company realized a very satisfactory operating earning (EBTIDA) of 7.4 mio. dkr.
  • Throughout the year 75 kilogram medical equipment developed by DAC has been delivered to the International Space Station including the newly developed gas cylinders and another 28 kilogram medical research equipment will be launched to ISS in December 2014.
  • DAC is, in corporation with ESA, preparing the visit of the Danish ESA-astronaut Andreas Mogensen to the space station in September 2015.

Danish Aerospace Company who develops space equipment for the European space organization ESA as well as for NASA, realized a very satisfying DKK 7.4 mill. in operation earning (EBITDA) in 2013/2014.

In the past year DAC had a large delivery of equipment for the International Space Station of approximately 75 kilogram and another delivery is being prepared to be launched in December this year. In the past year the company has had a very satisfying incoming of new contracts and amendments to existing contracts.

Furthermore the support activities for both ESA’s and NASA’s use of the space station is still ongoing. The space station is permanently manned by six astronauts. DAC is currently also in the process of helping ESA and Denmark preparing and implementing a series of activities and experiments which the Danish ESA-astronaut Andres Mogensen is to complete during his 10 days stay at The International Space Station in September 2015.

During the past year more than 41 larger experiment sessions, using both DAC’s own equipment and also equipment from ESA, have been supported from the control room at DAC’s office in Odense where there is both live sound, picture and data connection to the space station.

“During the past year we have performed a lot of scientific experiments for the European Space Agency, a lot of them using our own respiratory equipment on the space station. At the same time we succeeded in extremely quickly to develop and launch new equipment which is to be used in 2015, where the first scientific experiment in the space stations airlock will be performed. Normally the airlock is only used for space walks. The highlight for 2015 will, beyond any doubt, be when the Danish ESA-astronaut Andreas Mogensen is visiting the space station in September, a visit we are very busy preparing.” says CEO Thomas A. E. Andersen.

For further information please contact:
CEO Thomas A. E. Andersen
Phone +45 40 29 41 62

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