DAC on ATV-5


75 kg of medical equipment from Danish Aerospace Company ApS arrives at the International Space Station.

Today, Tuesday August 12th, the European cargo ship ATV-5 arrives at the International Space Station carrying supplies and equipment for the 6 crewmembers onboard. Among the equipment in the ATV vessel is 75 kg of medical equipment from Danish Aerospace Company (DAC).

One of the items is a cardio-pulmonary measurement instrument. It will be used as part of ongoing studies of the astronauts’ fitness when staying in space six months. Furthermore, it is used in the study of the human physiology with the purpose of providing new knowledge about the human body, which can be utilized to improve the treatment of disease on Earth.

On board ATV-5, which has been named Georges Lemaître, are also seven purpose-built gas cylinders from Danish Aerospace Company. The cylinders are based on commercial ECOCYL lightweight gas cylinders from AGA-Linde. The cylinders from AGA have been modified with special packaging and safety features by DAC to meet the requirement for launch and use in space.

The gas cylinders are going to be used, together with additional equipment from DAC to be uploaded later, in a scientific ESA experiment in the Space Station’s airlock in the beginning of year 2015. The aim of the experiment is to find the best atmospheres for future bases on the Moon and Mars, as well as provide a greater insight into the function of the lungs.

With the latest launch of ATV-5, Danish Aerospace Company has sent more than 3 tons of equipment into space during the years, both to the International Space Station, the Russian space station Mir and on all of NASA’s space shuttles and in ESA’s Spacelab.

Danish Aerospace Company has been appointed as one of ESA’s Facility Support Center. This means that the company is online from ground and monitoring a wide variety of medical experiments from Earth as they happen on ISS. This is done from the control room ”Mission Control Odense”, from which employees receive live images and via live connection communicate with, for example, NASA astronauts in order to closely supervise the training program and scientific experiments on the International Space Station.

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